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The  company specializes in surveying and reporting on the condition of the cargo prior and during loading, ultrasonic and hose testing of hatch covers, lashing and securing of project and heavy cargoes, tally, sampling and draught surveying.


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Pre-shipment Condition surveys:

Comprehensive documentation of cargo and packing condition at any stage of shipment.


Bulk cargo Loading and Discharge:

Accurate draft surveys for reporting bulk quantities loaded or discharged, quality surveys.
Chemical analyses performed by accredited  laboratories.


Break Bulk Loading/Discharge:

Cargo/vessel stevedore operation monitoring and reporting, lashing and securing ensured suitable for vessel and cargo.


Bulk cargo claims:

Survey to cover nature, cause and extent of cargo contamination, damage shortage or overage.


Cleanliness Surveys:

Ascertaining vessel suitability for contamination free bulk cargo shipment.


Project Cargo:

Import or export project cargo logistical support arrangement and coordination.


Stowage and Securing of Bulk, Break-bulk Cargo:

Optimal export stowage and lashing and securing plans.


To check and verify quantity and marking of the cargo.



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